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July 13, 2020

Graveney stories of racism is a collection of anonymous accounts of racism experienced at Graveney school. We hosted a zoom event to share information on our campaign for positive change and give local residents the opportunity to ask any questions.

Graveney Stories of Racism: Past Events


On behalf of the survivors of Graveney Stories of Racism, Graveney Stories of Sexism, Graveney Stories of LGBTQIA+ and Graveney Stories of Mental Health, we suggest the school make the following eight changes to improve the equality of opportunity and experience for all its students.

Read our list of demands below.

School Notebook
Graveney Stories of Racism: Who We Are
Graveney Stories of Racism: Get Involved
Demand to restructure the current streaming structure in schools to fight systemic racism in education


Restructure the current streaming system to create mixed-ability form groups and also apply this to class groupings for non-core subjects. By diversifying our classrooms and the social learning experiences that happen within them, our children will learn more about the different cultures and religions of their peers, and this will prevent dangerous racial prejudices being carried into adulthood.


We urge you to email the school's "Change Council" at in support of our 8 suggestions and any of your own for positive change, as well as emailing Rosena Allin-Khan MP at

We will not give up the fight to make sure your voices are heard.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, please email us at

Graveney Stories of Racism: Text
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