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The flight taking 13 people to Jamaica on Wednesday 2nd December and the row beforehand have proved that the racist expulsion of the children of the Windrush generation is continuing. In the House of Commons debate the minister, Chris Philp, repeatedly described black people who have spent decades in this country, going to school, working and often building families, as “foreign criminals”. It is very likely that some of these “foreigners” have a legal right to British citizenship but struggle to claim this because legal aid is now very difficult to access and the government denies there is any record of them paying tax and National Insurance. Nearly two years after the Windrush Scandal became public only 12% of claimants have received their inadequate compensation for being sacked, evicted and denied NHS treatment, and in over 160 cases detained or deported.

The law introduced under the Labour government in 2007 enabling deportation of foreign nationals given sentences of 12 months or more is now being used to heap punishment on people deported to Jamaica: exiled from their families; exposed to Covid; at increased risk of homelessness, poverty and violence in an unfamiliar society. Some may have been forced into crime as children or been rehabilitated. People with a right to be in Britain, and living here, are the responsibility of our society and not Jamaica’s.

The protests against this flight have been led by some 80 black public figures and 70 backbench MPs and peers. The leader of the Labour opposition, Keir Starmer, has been silent on the issue and the shadow cabinet’s response has been muted. Clive Lewis organised the protest letter from backbench MPs and a question from Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Streatham MP, led to the debate in the House of Commons.

Wandsworth is home to a wonderfully diverse mix of communities living harmoniously together. Johnson and Patel’s racist hostile environment attacks the human rights of many local people. They describe refugees as ‘criminals’, attack their ‘lefty’ immigration lawyers, plan to deport homeless migrants and have never properly addressed the Windrush scandal.

We call on all Wandsworth’s anti-racists to oppose deportation flights and to campaign against the government’s hostile environment.

Wandsworth Stand Up to Racism 11.1.2021

Seventy names added in a personal capacity to ‘Stop the Deportations & End the Windrush Scandal’ Statement up to 20th January 2021:-

Fabiana Ottini
Graham Petersen
Sarah Rackham
Social Worker
Peter Ramage
Tooting CLP & Unison
Ivan Regan
Putney CLP
Jo Rigby
Labour Councillor Earlsfield Ward
Angus Robertson
Putney CLP
Nick Rogers
Douglas Shanks
Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce & Quakers
Rebecca Shingleton
Social Worker
Pat Squires
XR NEU Tooting CLP
Andy Stone
Secretary Wandsworth NEU
Michael Stone
Battersea CLP
Matthew Tiller
Putney CLP
Chris Vincq
Tooting CLP
Hannah Walcroft
Wandsworth Anti-racist Education Campaign
Paula Walker
Labour Councillor Queenstown Ward
Diane Wilkinson
NEU & Tooting CLP
Stephanie Wyatt
Primary Teacher
Leo Zeilig
Naseem Aboobaker
Leader Mushkil Aasaan Care & Community Trust
Jordana Adams
Law Lecturer
Fio Adamson
Daniel Adeyemi
Kemi Akinola
Deputy Leader Labour Councillors' Group WBC
David Amos
Wandsworth Quakers
Richard Anderson
Bella Bates
Battersea CLP
Jaqueline Bernard
Wandsworth Quakers
Timothy Block
Tooting CLP
Elizabeth Bridge
Wandsworth Quakers
Brian Cairns
Battersea CLP
Anita Conradi
NEU & Battersea CLP
Leonie Cooper
Leader Labour Group WBC GLA Member Wands Merton
Misha Cox
Sonya Davis
Wandsworth GMB Branch Sec. & Battersea CLP TULO
Fay Dowker
Putney CLP
Suzanne Ellis
Tooting CLP
Judi Gasser
Labour Councillor Furzedown Ward
Ruth Habeh
Wandsworth Anti-racist Education Campaign
Andrea Gilbert
Putney CLP & Unite
Mark Haines
Wandsworth Quakers
Bronwen Harding
Opera Singer & Producer
Caroline Hartnell
Ranjan Hutchings
Marie Curie Cancer Nurse retired.
Lynne Jackson
Battersea CLP
Sian Johal
Bilal Kabdani
Bernard Kelly
XR, SUTR, Tooting CLP, NHS Unite
Stephanie Kendrick
Wandsworth Quakers
Verity Kirk
Actor & Tutor
Sean Kobayashi
Putney CLP
Jane Lapotaire
Wandsworth Quakers
Rada Lewis
Putney CLP
Al Macdonald
Tooting CLP & NEU
Kathy Casimir MacLean
Chair Dominica School Support Association
Norman MacLean
Secretary Wandsworth SUTR Tooting CLP
Ruairidh MacLean
UCU & rs21
Ben Mango
Micheline Mason
Human Being
Kath Mcdonnell
Dee Mclaren
Putney CLP
Hilaire McLeish
Maurice Mcleod
Labour Councillor Queenstown Ward
Marc Mellor
Nikki Mellor
Dez Mendoza
Putney CLP & Alton Action
Linda Murgatroyd
Wandsworth Quakers
Jenny Nelson
Tooting CLP
Steve O'Donnell
Unite Regional Official
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